Deep Insight = Direct Results With the Challenges You Face

As we move into 2015 with plans for success, I am again reminded of the reasons I began my own career, many years ago, in training and professional development. Sharing what we have learned and the challenges we have faced, helps other professionals build awareness and new skills for their own success.Years ago, as a part [...]

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Fear of Making the Wrong Decision

When trying to decide on something recently that seemed extremely important, I found myself feeling stuck and frustrated. The problem in trying to make the “right” decision is that we can develop "analysis paralysis." Many times the perceived importance of the decision can feel overwhelming. Some of us may have a hard time simply deciding [...]

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eLearning; What’s Not to Like?

When it comes to online corporate education, the days of posting simple PPT slides and talking head videos are over. Online education, or eLearning, has become increasingly accepted as a favorable comparison to classroom-based training.The tremendous growth and competition of online training has fueled more interactivity, gamification and fun into courseware, resulting in a more sophisticated [...]

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Getting to Know Generation Z

When Audrey Boone Tillman entered the Westin Charlotte Hotel in 2007 to judge a regional competition of college students' community outreach projects, she noticed one big change from similar events she had attended in the past. "No one had paper resumes," recalls Tillman, executive vice president of corporate services at Columbus, Ga.-based Aflac Inc., which has approximately [...]

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Who needs more hours in a day?

It’s probably pretty safe to assume that nearly everyone could use more hours in the day, right? Whether you’re running out of time to meet a project deadline, trying to get more done between meetings, or just need more time to sleep.We often find ourselves unable to meet deadlines because we spend our days putting out [...]

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Can you put a price on Brand Value?

Product and corporate brands are more prevalent than ever in the U.S. We see them everywhere in our daily lives -- from our breakfast cereal to our local sports stadium.In fact, we see them so often, one has to wonder if they really have that much impact. After all, there are so many different brands vying [...]

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The customer is always right… or else!

Did you know that it’s National Customer Service Week? Because this week is devoted to recognizing the importance of customer service, it’s an ideal time to review how committed your team is to providing outstanding customer service.Studies show that a customer’s interaction with your staff makes up about 70 percent of the reasons why they return [...]

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Where to start when starting over: Changing course mid-career

It’s a common occurrence these days… For some, it’s a direct result of the economy and today’s job market. For others, it’s a deliberate decision to make a fresh start. Either way, there’s no denying that career change is practically an epidemic. The first step before jumping into a new career is to do your research. Think [...]

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Fill in the gaps for an all-star team

There’s been a lot of coverage in the news these days about how Americans are lagging behind the rest of the developed world in terms of basic skills, such as math, science and literacy. This is an important issue to be addressed in our school systems.But what about the competency of American office workers already in the workforce? [...]

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