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How can your team get to the sweet spot where intention, creativity and effectiveness come together? This team building session uses collaborative art, an aspect of creative learning, as a means to getting your team to that place, and it works 100% of the time.

Arts-based learning ("ABL") is a dynamic and emerging technique used by at least 400 of the Fortune 500 companies.  The learning incorporates the arts into strategic planning, teambuilding, communication training, leadership development, problem solving, innovation, as well as, individual and team coaching.  It fosters creative thinking, promotes the development of new leadership models, and strengthens employee skills in critical areas such as collaboration, conflict resolution, change management, merger and acquisition execution and cross-cultural communication. Rather than replacing conventional management and/or organizational learning methods, ABL effectively complements rational ways of learning by combining right-brained imagination with left-brain logic to develop trust, find shared values, shift perceptions and develop high-performance teamwork.

During this experiential team workshop, certified coaches facilitate team building through the medium of collaborative art. Each team is placed into groups of 3-5 and will create a suggested work of art together. Once completed, the coaches will process the experience with the team and team members will have an opportunity to share and reflect on their experience.  The process of working together creatively not only breaks down barriers, it also yields a tangible reference on canvas of their team building experience to bring back to the office, which they share with co-workers, leadership, family and friends.  The outcomes of these results-oriented sessions cover the walls of many corporate boardrooms and offices.

Participants will learn to:

  • Build Creativity. Painting engages the right side of the brain, increasing the creative side of teams and teamwork.
  • Experience Collaboration.  Painting together provides the means for greater collaboration. Teams come to decisions more quickly and make difficult decisions easier.
  • Increase Communication. Teams observe and experience several means of communication and apply problem-solving techniques that transition back to the workplace.
  • Explore Innovation. After the experience, teams see an increase in morale.  A 15% increase in morale can result in a 40% increase in innovation.
  • Develop Leadership. During the process, leaders emerge, sometimes different from the perceived team leader.

    Class Size: 4 and Up
    Length: 2 hours to 1 day
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    "Our art is on display in the hallway and almost everyone asks about it.  Our Austin staff never gets tired of telling the story; they are so proud!  The effect this has had on our team is huge!"
    Texas Department of Economic Development

    "Strategic Planning was a real  game changer for us.  We are a stronger team and reaching higher goals now."
    Mark Thurston
    Thurston Insurance Agency

    "Taking care of people is work!  Thanks for the burst of energy; our Austin team has a renewed sense of purpose thanks to our mission and activity with you!"
    Michelle Aja
    St. Vincent Healthcare

    "Thank you for helping not just me, but our entire Austin, Texas team move forward!  Finally, we are working in cooperation, not competition with one another!"
    Karin Nelson
    Austin Direct Sales

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