Learn to Drive Better Results to Your Organization’s Bottom Line – While Maintaining Strategic Relationships

Today many organizations are operating at maximum efficiency, doing more with less, and doing it faster than ever before. However, an often-neglected area of profit potential exists within procurement and the contract negotiation and re-negotiation process with suppliers.

This negotiation training workshop will help purchasing and procurement managers build the skills necessary to drive better results to the organization’s bottom line. Participants learn that with skill and practice, facilitating a collaborative negotiation that leaves both their own organization and the supplier organization victorious, is achievable. This workshop develops the skills purchasing managers need to drive mutual victory.

Participants in this dynamic program learn how to strengthen their negotiation skills through classroom game sessions, extensive role-play, and exercises. They receive one-on-one personal feedback that helps improve their ability to communicate and negotiate in complex and difficult negotiation sessions. Participants build skills negotiating individually and in team negotiation environments.


Participants will learn to:

  • Assess negotiation behavioral style and how to best interact with others

  • Recognize counterproductive assumptions and positions

  • Develop an effective plan and strategy for any negotiation

  • Utilize the phases of negotiation for better outcomes

  • Deal with difficult people objectively and assertively

  • Build creative solutions to challenging scenarios

  • Negotiate in person, on the phone, individually, and in teams

  • Immediately recognize manipulative tactics and how to respond

  • Manage conflict quickly before it escalates out of control

Class size: Up to 16
Length: 2 Day Standard, 1 Day option available.
Delivery Method: Public & Private

A professional and organized presentation…He was able to present the material to a wide range of employees from different work areas. Our employees particularly enjoyed the negotiation role-playing.  View Full Letter (PDF)

Josie Hutlock, Manager of Operation Services, SGE Active Power, Austin, Texas

Thanks for the follow up. I really enjoyed the negotiation class and am confident it will benefit me in my future negotiations.

Justin Gilliland, Strategic Procurement Specialist, Austin Foam Plastics, Inc.

Thanks for the day spent together. All the concepts were very much enriching for the audience that appreciated the content and your approach!

Matteo Bonardello, Global Procurement and Manufacturing, Tenova

Thank you for the knowledge sharing with the Win Win Negotiation for Purchasing. A truly joyful day, both in knowledge and in casual engagement. I really like your style of integration with all parties concerned.

Ray du Plessis Manager, Project Procurement, Tenova Mining & Minerals

The participants found the negotiation skills for purchasing role-playing exercises to be both helpful and enjoyable. Fathom Corporate Training made an effort to recognize the particular position of the Brazilian Army Commission. All the role-playing exercises focused on a variety of procurement issues for the purchase of products or the acquisition of services.   View Full Letter (PDF)

Colonel Rui Yutaka Matsuda, Brazilian Army Commission

Each of the participants felt that it was very worthwhile training experience. They think the workshop was very well organized and well presented. The material and topics covered correctly addressed a variety of skills, insights and information that they think they will find useful in successfully carrying out their respective responsibilities as it applies to the purchasing function. They truly feel that their negotiation skills were enhanced and strengthened as a result of their attending the workshop.   View Full Letter (PDF)

Chuck Gruen, Manager, Organizational Development, Hirsch Pipe and Supply

We all enjoyed the class very much. The best take away for me was to understand the personality of the person across the table. I tend to project my feelings/way of thinking onto them, forgetting that what works for me isn’t necessarily what works for everyone else. I also like your approach to preparing for a negotiation. Getting data and cost drivers are important, but knowing interests and goals of both parties can definitely help keep things on track for a Win–Win outcome.

Rebecca Langford, Senior Buyer, Watkins Mfg., Inc.

From the Deep Insights Blog – Negotiation for Procurement Articles:

” I really enjoyed the negotiation class and am confident it will benefit me in my future negotiations.”

We Follow-Up

All of our programs come with follow up. This includes post Workshop follow-up delivered by our Fathom Software. This system delivers one question a day for 2 weeks via email on content. Questions can be answered quickly and are scored. A leaderboard tracks results and a gift is given to the winner.

Private workshops also include the follow-up options below which can be scheduled at any time after the initial experience and expire one year after the session is held. These sessions may used to reinforce continued participant learning by practicing new skills and techniques learned in the workshop. You may choose one option below or discuss a combination with your Fathom Representative:

A. Webinars
B. Lunch and Learn
C. 1/1 Participant Coaching (On-Site)
D. 1/1 Participant Coaching (Phone)