Fathom’s Consultative Selling Skills Training Delivers Proven Results!

What’s the #1 complaint that customers voice about sales people? It’s that sales representatives simply don’t take enough time to listen and truly understand client needs and attempt to sell prematurely. Consultative selling means: To first uncover and fully understand the goals, problems and needs of the customer, then, and only then, to offer options and recommend relevant solutions.

This intensive, hands-on, exercise driven sales training program gives salespeople an understanding of the psychological steps that buyers go through in the purchase process. Using interactive role-plays, participants are walked through a step-by-step consultative sales process to more effectively meet a prospects needs. They learn to ask better questions and gather more useful information before trying to sell prematurely. Participants in this sales workshop learn how to concentrate their focus on each client’s particular situation, challenges, and vision to ultimately partner with them and build revenues. This selling skills workshop enables participants to determine how their company and product/service can provide meaningful value to a client — even in a highly competitive, saturated and commoditized market.

The role-plays, in conjunction with the feed back sessions, assure that each classroom participant has achieved direct behavioral changes in their sales approach.


Participants will learn to:

  • Assess their current selling skills demonstrated in a sales benchmark

  • Determine the individual behavioral style of customers and how to best interact

  • Utilize interviewing skills to listen instead of pitching products

  • Break the ice during difficult sales calls

  • Use a consultative approach in every sale

  • Create and use proof stories to sell

  • Understand buyer types and what factors motivate them

  • Use a 5-step model that mirrors the steps buyers go through before purchasing

  • Employ techniques to fully package company/product/service unique differentiation and communicate effectively with a prospect

  • Overcome the 5 major objections to purchasing

  • Sell long-term solution and relationships rather than low bids

  • Employ top closing techniques and know when and how to use them

Class size: Up to 16
Length: 2 Days
Delivery Methods: Private & Public

Tania and I are excited about the new tools we are bringing to the Sales office. I feel we can make a big difference/impact with the INSITE approach and how to methodically build the sales experience and not just go for the jugular. We think we found a way to reach out to more diverse clients since we are not specifically a niche recruiting firm.  View Full Letter (PDF)

Fred Cartmill, President, FJC Personnel

The training was awesome. I appreciate the helpful tools and deep insight that you provided. The everyday examples that you use throughout the day make it easy to relate and visualize myself in similar situations. The role-play provides great practice for implementing the tools you provide. I’ll definitely keep Fathom in mind for future training needs.  View Full Letter (PDF

Claudia Cardwell, Campaign Development Director, America’s Charities

With our B2B model, the team at SGE constantly negotiates with our current and prospective partners. All of my Austin team felt the workshop went well and only wished they had taken this class several years ago.  View Full Letter (PDF)

F. Anthony Audino Jr., VP Sales/GM Americas, SGE Analytical Science, Austin, Texas

Learning and being able to apply a specific selling model in the sales process will be very helpful to my team.

Sales Manager, Austin, Texas

Understanding customer personality style and buyer types will be a great help to me. The course was outstanding.

Sales Representative, Austin, Texas

“The training was awesome. I appreciate the helpful tools and deep insight that you provided. The everyday examples that you use throughout the day make it easy to relate and visualize myself in similar situations.”

We Follow-Up

All of our programs come with follow up. This includes post Workshop follow-up delivered by our Fathom Software. This system delivers one question a day for 2 weeks via email on content. Questions can be answered quickly and are scored. A leaderboard tracks results and a gift is given to the winner.

Private workshops also include the follow-up options below which can be scheduled at any time after the initial experience and expire one year after the session is held. These sessions may used to reinforce continued participant learning by practicing new skills and techniques learned in the workshop. You may choose one option below or discuss a combination with your Fathom Representative:

A. Webinars
B. Lunch and Learn
C. 1/1 Participant Coaching (On-Site)
D. 1/1 Participant Coaching (Phone)