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Philosophy & Mission

Our Philosophy
We know that the infamous Titanic was not sunk by the tip of the iceberg above the surface, but rather by what was hidden beneath the surface and much more dangerous.

Fathom is successful because of the way we approach client challenges and deliver solutions. We call this: Deep Insight, Direct Results.

Deep Insight is gathered from our industry expertise, training and development experience and from sitting down with clients to understand their specific workplace challenges. We facilitate programs that focus on proven models, custom case studies, role-plays, assessment and engaging discussion to create an ideal environment for growth and change. Fathom’s methodology gets participants to open up to new ideas and allows them to transition new skills from the classroom to the workplace in a short amount of time.

Direct Results are delivered in the form of better communication, higher morale, increased revenues and a more cohesive workplace. Our results are measurable. We follow up after training has taken place to ensure that the new skills are being implemented effectively and are integrated in our client’s strategy for success.

Our Mission
Fathom’s client-centered workshops are designed to seed new thought and facilitate course correction. We can help you to increase employee satisfaction, lower your turnover, increase revenues and raise profit margins.

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