Build Team Member Cultural Awareness and Diversity Skills Using a Proven Process!

This Workshop employs tools, case study, role-play, and activities to help participants build awareness of unconscious biases that can form stereotypes leading to a lack of inclusion in the workplace and that cause discord with clients. Participants learn what drives their own common sense and to develop a new “cultural sense” helping them to see others more clearly.

Fathom’s cultural competence skills workshop is critical for managing cultural diversity and enables your organization and your leaders to meet the demands and expectations of an increasingly global workplace. The course helps build awareness leading to more effective collaboration and better decisions for your organization. The materials used are a result of the collaboration of acclaimed intercultural experts from countries across the globe.

Clients can select specific cultural modules which best represent their current workplace and challenges. Case studies and role-play are completed for targeted cultures.

Participants in this workshop learn to implement a model for navigating cross-cultural communication more effectively and to develop practical strategies for developing workplace and client sensitivity.


Participants will learn to:

  • Understand how unconscious bias forms stereotypes about others leading to discord and lack of inclusion

  • Learn how personal values generate behaviors which may lead to negative perceptions by others

  • Develop an appreciation for embracing differences and diversity

  • Build cross-cultural communication to create stronger working relationships

  • Address cultural diversity issues to lead and motivate a team

  • Learn to listen and observe from an intercultural perspective

  • Decrease negative stereotyping and judgments across locations worldwide

  • Improve intercultural decision-making by practicing real world case study and role-play scenarios

  • Implement a shared model for building intercultural competence

Class size: Up to 16
Length: 1 Day Standard. 1/2 Day option available.
Delivery Methods: Private & Public

Thanks for walking us through the methodology. It was a good session and I feel I still have a lot to read and learn from the materials I brought back from the session last week. It’ll keep me busy!

Frederique Sanna, Human Resource Business Manager, Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas

I wanted to write you a short note and thank you for the great cross-cultural seminar you conducted for us on Friday. The setting you selected for us was very conducive for training. Your personal examples and cultural models helped us enhance our understanding of cross-cultural values and behaviors. Thank you for the great experience.   View Full Letter (PDF)

Irina Yashkova, Chief Interpreter/Liaison, OMK Tube, Houston, Texas

As an international corporation made up of a widely diverse workforce, we had need for a solid and thorough Cultural Diversity Workshop. Fathom Corporate Training in Austin did a remarkable job. He was able to present the material to a wide variety of individuals with a range of backgrounds.   View Full Letter (PDF)

Gary Holmes, Training Coordinator, Aker Solutions, Houston, Texas

Learning to use the behaviors and values template helped me to understand others actions more clearly. This has enabled me to avoid conflict and develop a better basis for working relationships.

Austin Michaels, Senior Manager, Commemorative Brands, Austin, Texas

I really gained a better understanding of our multi-cultural workplace and can now see where I could have facilitated a different and better outcome in many situations. I only wish I had taken this course years ago.

Project Manager, University of Texas, Austin

“Learning to use the behaviors and values template helped me to understand others actions more clearly.”

We Follow-Up

All of our programs come with follow up. This includes post Workshop follow-up delivered by our Fathom Software. This system delivers one question a day for 2 weeks via email on content. Questions can be answered quickly and are scored. A leaderboard tracks results and a gift is given to the winner.

Private workshops also include the follow-up options below which can be scheduled at any time after the initial experience and expire one year after the session is held. These sessions may used to reinforce continued participant learning by practicing new skills and techniques learned in the workshop. You may choose one option below or discuss a combination with your Fathom Representative:

A. Webinars
B. Lunch and Learn
C. 1/1 Participant Coaching (On-Site)
D. 1/1 Participant Coaching (Phone)