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While diversity and inclusion are popular topics in the media and for many progressive organizations, the concepts of diversity and inclusion can be slippery and elusive. What are diversity and inclusion? How are they related to each other? How do you know if your organization is diverse and practices inclusivity? What diversity and inclusion initiatives produce measurable results? In this course, you will examine the concepts of diversity and inclusion and will gain the tools necessary to support an inclusive workplace.

Learning Outcomes:

• Define and distinguish “diversity” and “inclusion”
• Identify and understand the laws created to bolster diversity and inclusion in the workplace
• Explain how diversity and inclusion goes beyond laws
• Define and distinguish “discrimination” and “prejudice”
• Explain “unconscious bias”
• Identify different types of unconscious bias
• Describe the importance of organizational culture and its relation to diversity and inclusion
• Identify and understand different types of initiatives to foster workplace inclusion
• Explain how different metrics can be used to track and gauge the effectiveness of initiatives
• Understand the importance of progressive policies and initiatives

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