• Texas Disposal Systems has chosen Fathom to facilitate Next-Level Leadership Training for senior staff members at the helm of the firm.

  • Triton Towing and Doug’s Plumbing of Central Texas chose Fathom to provide Outstanding Management training to help managers develop new professional development skills.

  • Real Equity Acquisitions has chosen Fathom to provide Outstanding Management Skills training to help build new and existing manager skill sets and scale business for future growth.

  • Fathom has an answer to support clients in a new and evolving workplace; Fathom Wellness offers curated Blue Mind journeys including wellness outings and getaways, lake tours, team building, team meetings, special occasion events and more. Blue Mind experience’s are held onboard Fathom Freedom, a sleek, modern 38-foot yacht located on Lake Travis. This is a great option to consider for yourself, friends, family, or a team. Outings include healthy foods, fresh-infused beverages (non-alcoholic), and wholesome snacks. Our program will help client team members to be more centered, focused, calm, creative and mindful to be able to better tackle the new challenges ahead. Six passengers are permitted aboard for your comfort. If you have a larger group or specific needs contact the Blue Mind team.

  • Fathom’s Blue Mind Wellness program was developed in collaboration with Wallace J. Nichols, the author of the landmark bestseller Blue Mind. Blue Mind is wellness science which has proven that being near, in, on or under water can make you happier, healthier and better at what you do.  The experience is held onboard our new beautiful Fathom yacht which was specifically designed to safely host and engage a small group. Get ready to learn, laugh, play, unwind and recharge while incorporating Blue Mind awareness into your everyday life, work and career. Take a closer look!

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