I recently returned from a trip to Dubai, and remain impressed by the continued efforts that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made to encourage professional excellence in all organizations, and at all levels. What can managers and leaders learn about progressive thinking and excellence from Dubai? Quite a bit!

In fact, the UAE Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, encourages citizens, businesses and government institutions to stretch themselves to personal and corporate excellence in all endeavors. This thinking is the way things are done in Dubai, with the belief that if all the constituents of a society agree to excel in all fields, different cultures and religions can not only coexist, but will thrive.

Dubai simply welcomes the impossible. The business leaders of Dubai are known for taking on engineering projects that require incredible advanced planning and amazing construction skill, as they continue to transform from a regional economic center into the Mid-Easts international hub. The first foundation stone of the new structure known as The Tower, which will surpass Dubai’s 828m (2,716 ft.)-high Burj Khalifa, currently the world’s tallest building, was laid by Dubai’s ruler this month.

Raising the Bar

Setting our sights and ambitions higher, both individually and as an organization, can lead us to new horizons that we never knew we could have achieved. As managers, it’s our job to help others to do this. We should strive to inspire our staff to reach new levels of achievement so they can grow as human beings and as leaders themselves.

Planning for the future requires us to keep in mind that we may not always be available to assist and lead the organization when needed. A professional training program is critical for developing staff excellence and preparing for transition. Fathom has been contacted more than once to provide training to either a public or private institution in Dubai, with a focus on cultivating business excellence at the forefront.

A respect for new ideas, cultures and the ability to enact advanced management practices in day-to-day operations exists in the UAE. I believe their model is one that any individual or institution can learn from, and look forward to spending more time in the UAE presenting both public and private training courses for our Fathom clients.

And as the institutions of Dubai continue to embrace leadership and exceptional management practices, we will watch this transformative culture excel to new heights.