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Brand Consulting: Internal Brand Awareness

Did you know that Starbucks spends more money on internal product training than on marketing?

Your BRAND is the mental and emotional real estate that you hold in the minds and hearts of your customers! Research suggests that those brands that engage people emotionally can command prices as much as 20% to 200% higher than competitors’ and sell in far higher volume. Every day, with each and every single point of customer contact, your team has a chance to further cement your brand and its relationships with your current fans and with potential new customers. Your brand’s internal and external image cohesiveness is a direct reflection of your ability to get your entire team to operate from the same playbook. Shared passion, purpose, vision, and core values are the imperatives and without them your business success and brand are left to chance.

INTERNAL BRAND AWARENESS means we go within your organization to facilitate individual and departmental interviews. We determine whether or not your team is reading from the same page of the playbook. And if not, why? Upon completion of this analysis, we develop strategy and facilitate custom internal brand awareness training sessions such as, THE POWER of BRANDING! to help each department and team member fully grasp your firm’s passion, purpose, vision, and core values. We then return after implementation, to make sure that the new awareness has firmly taken root and to measure its effectiveness and your ROI.

A firm whose internal brand awareness and external marketplace footprint are both easily and consistently recognized by team members and customers!

  • Review the firms mission statement, core values and founding principles to fully determine the brand awareness expectations of management.

  • Conduct internal brand awareness interviews with senior management, team members and vendors to gauge the current areas and levels of internal brand incongruence and disparity.

  • Deliver Internal Brand Analysis report findings for key management personnel to review.

  • Develop and facilitate internal brand awareness training sessions to build understanding of the firm’s passion, purpose, vision, core values, mission and marketplace niche.

PROBLEM: Facing critical quality and performance shortfalls from its contract service employees, Intel Global Services’ department challenge was communicating its unique brand and rigorous performance expectations to current and new contract employees and vendors.

SOLUTION: Internal Brand Awareness provided key management personnel with new performance metrics. These metrics were communicated to Intel’s contract vendors and employees to align them with the high internal customer quality levels Intel expects.

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