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Change Your Training Mind-Set
Selling Power
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The nine secret strategies for putting training to work where it will count most.

Change Guru
Selling Power
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An exclusive interview with best selling author and Harvard Business School Professor John Kotter on change management.

Train Your Sales Team
Selling Power
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How to use intuition to become a heavy hitter.

Birds on Hippos
Marketing Management
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The best vendors are ones that have knowledge leadership and can deliver valuable intelligence that addresses critical problems to customers, facilitating growth.

The Good Brand
Fast Company
Brands are less and less about what we buy, and more and more about who we are. That means your cola can’t just taste good. It has to feel good, too.

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Plot the Graph
Fast Company
Marketers have figured out a way to measure how consumers really feel about brands. Warning: Love hurts

99 Purple Cow’s - Companies That Go For The Edges
Fast Company Magazine
The future of innovation, marketing and branding! 99 examples of remarkable people, organizations and products.

Venus Designs
Inc. Magazine, September 2003
Venus Williams is the latest athlete to turn entrepreneur, and she’s showing her usual flair.

The Brand Called You
Fast Company, Sep 1997
Big companies understand the importance of brands. Today, in the Age of the Individual, you have to be your own brand. Here’s what it takes to be the CEO of Me Inc.

Udder Artistry
Fast Company, November 2003
In her 44 years as the butter sculptress at the Iowa State Fair, Norma Lyon has churned out statues of everything from cows to Elvis to the Last Supper.

Brand Bethany!
USA Today
Tom Hamilton thought he'd have a challenge helping his daughter, Bethany, 14, cope after the outstanding surfer lost her left arm in a shark attack. But she’s been a rock and an inspiration to everyone.

Brand You Survival Kit
Fast Company
When Tom Peters first wrote about Brand You, it was cool. Now it’s life or death.

Brands With Character
Fast Company
How to create the next Doughboy? One company takes clients to three-day Character Camps to help overhaul their brand images.

The Ultimate Calling Card
Fast Company
Want to stand out from the crowd and increase your worth in the marketplace? Join the ranks of Peter Drucker, Faith Popcorn, and Dr. Seuss: Write a book.


Bang! Getting Your Message Heard in A Noisy World
Book Excerpt: Bang 2003
These days, getting people to notice you isn’t easy. The Information Age has morphed into Information Overload. Messages are everywhere: At the bottom of golf cups on the putting green, flashing on ATM screens, even posted over urinals (an excellent product placement for Budweiser). So how do you get heard? How does your company connect with the consumer? You need a Big Bang.

In Praise of the Purple Cow
Fast Company
Remarkably honest ideas (and remarkably useful case studies) about making and marketing remarkable products.

The Gore-Tex of Guitar Strings
Fast Company, December 2003
The annals of innovation are littered with products that, after failing in their original guise, took off when shrewdly redirected. Think Post-it Notes. Or Viagra. Or now Elixir guitar strings.

The Price is Right
Fast Company, November 2003
Sure, everybody loves a bargain. But smart companies know we'll also happily pay a premium for products we really love. These "new luxuries" aren’t always what you’d expect, either.

The Best Things In Life Are Free
Fast Company
In an excerpt from his new book, Free Prize Inside!, Seth Godin shows how anyone can champion new ideas.

Listening To Starbucks
Fast Company
Surprise! Starbucks barista-in-chief Howard Schultz is making a big, bold push into the music business. He aims to transform the record industry -- and turn Starbucks into the world’s biggest brand, period.

Fast Talk: Better By Design
Fast Company
It can be a catalyst, a transformative force. Five corporate leaders who "get" design talk about how it has influenced their companies’ strategies.


Where the Bucks Are
Fast Company March 2004
Youth-obsessed Madison Avenue is missing the biggest, richest market of the future: boomer women. Just don’t call them middle-aged.

The 5Ps of Service Business Plan Marketing
The 5Ps of Professional Service Business Marketing is a model to help you plan and clarify your marketing direction.

Defining Your Target Audience
Marketing Power. Inc.
Small business owners know how important it is to be familiar with customer needs and preferences. But having a general idea of what customers want from your business is not enough to create truly effective advertising and marketing campaigns. Entrepreneurs must take that knowledge to the next level and define target audiences to connect with the customers they want to reach.

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