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Brand Consulting: Brandmarks

How does your firm rate on a scale of both respect and love?

BRANDMARKS is an extremely effective tool for analyzing where your firm rates on a scale of both respect and emotion. The world’s most successful brands evoke an emotional response from the customer. Those that don’t, simply exist and eventually die on the marketplace vine. Want to be as memorable to your customer as Nordstrom’s, Starbucks or Target?

Your firm becomes BOTH the logical and the emotional choice for current and prospective customers increasing both repeat and new business.

  • Meet with key management to plot the firm’s current perceived position on the Brandmark’s scale.

  • Survey current customer sample base and public group sample to determine external perceived position on Brandmark’s scale.

  • Determine target goal and metrics for firm’s future Brandmark’s scale position and timeline for achievement.

  • Review survey results with key management to determine new strategy and metrics to be implemented to reach new Brandmark’s target goal.

  • Track metrics to keep the firm's new position on Brandmark’s scale at or above new targeted levels.

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