Your Customers Increasing Choice & Decreasing Attention Span Spells: DANGER 

No matter how fantastic a sales person you are, no matter how much training you have had, no matter who you work for or what you are attempting to market or sell, there is one thing that cannot be changed: Across all business segments today, and within each of those business segments, both products and services are available in an ever widening array of choice.

Consumers can “have it their way” today and they are! A customer can customize an ipod, a car, and a non-fat-mocha latte brewed at 110 degrees! Customers are wide eyed with new choices and opportunity in the marketplace. They are savvier than ever, and the internet can help them find what they are looking for in seconds and compare what they have found to all the other choices available.

But this is not all! It gets worse, much worse. There is a very important phenomenon that has grown to epidemic proportions today in our society. We now suffer from what we can call a “consistent and a constant state of partial attention.” Read More...

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