Deep Insight = Direct Results With the Challenges You Face 

Happy New Year. As we move into 2015 with plans for success, I am again reminded of the reasons I began my own career, many years ago, in training and professional development. Sharing what we have learned and the challenges we have faced, helps other professionals build awareness and new skills for their own success.

Years ago, as a part of the management team of Continental Airlines, now re-branded United, we flew into and out of two, and almost a third bankruptcy. At the end of the day, we ranked on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for list, 6 years in a row. Turning a highly dysfunctional organization or a department around is possible. But, it's not child's play and requires deep insight into areas that will challenge you both personally and professionally.

Gordon Bethune, the former illustrious CEO of Continental Airlines, largely responsible for its turnaround and the reason its legacy lives on today as United, said it best. "If you have a booger on your nose and your team says to you, hey boss you look great today, because they are too afraid to tell you the truth, then you have a real problem on your hands."

The tip of the iceberg is not what sunk the Titanic. It was what was deep beneath the surface of that still water that did the damage. Many times we are too afraid to see, or simply choose to ignore, the true underlying causes of the problems and challenges we experience in our organization.

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