Timing the Waves in Life and at Work
In our day-to-day workplace, as in life, we often find ourselves dealing with unresolved issues, confusion and decisions we must make. For most of us, our initial instinct in such situations is to take immediate action in an attempt to resolve the issue. To simply put it behind us, move on and check it off our list. This can, and often does, lead to frustration, stagnating productivity and less than optimal results.
Although you may feel the urgency to do something - anything! - it might not be in your best interest if the timing isn't right. Sometimes it's better to just wait; to 'put it on the back burner' for the moment and contemplate our options, rather than to take action impulsively.
Time Management Skills Workshop  
Dates: May 24 & Jul 28
Time is like a river; it keeps on flowing even though we get caught up in its turbulence and can't seem to come up for air. Later, we realize that we are out of balance and off course both personally and professionally. Without effective time management skills, new and constantly changing corporate objectives can be overwhelming, leaving us feeling out of control.

Sharp Girl
Assertiveness Skills Workshop  
Dates: May 11 & Jul 8

It's no mistake and should come as no surprise that those who are assertive in life and at the workplace achieve success. Many times though, we are afraid to ask for what we need, feeling we are pushing or being rude to others. Today's business environment requires that we have the flexibility to step up to those challenges we are dealt with to win. Assertive behavior is a necessity. 
Customer Service Skills Workshop 
Dates: Jul 20
Never before in history has the customer been faced with such a wide range of choice's in the marketplace. A state of constant partial attention, combined with a plethora of choice in both products, services and from whom they are consumed, means that your chances of being noticed in an ever deepening "sea of competition" are not only slim, but will continue to get slimmer in the future! 
Management Skills Workshop  
Dates: May 19-20 & Jul 13-14

Happy employees make happy customers! This leadership skills workshop helps managers understand that increased communication and trust are the keys to leading team members and long-term organizational success. Our hands-on management training course teaches supervisors and managers the foundational skills of communication, motivation, delegation and evaluation.  
Negotiation Skills Workshop 
Dates: Jun 8-9
Participants in this dynamic workshop will learn how to strengthen their negotiation skills through classroom game sessions, extensive role-play and exercises. They receive one-on-one personal feedback that helps improve their ability to communicate and negotiate in complex or difficult negotiation sessions. Participants build skills negotiating individually and in team negotiation environments.

Negotiation for Purchasing Workshop  
Dates: Jun 8-9
Many organizations today are operating at close to maximum efficiency, doing more with less, and doing it faster than ever before. However, an often-neglected area of profit potential exists within the contract negotiation and re-negotiation process with suppliers.  This negotiation training workshop will help purchasing and procurement managers build the skills necessary to drive better results to the organizations bottom line. 
Presentation Skills Workshop  
Dates: Jun 15-16
Our presentation skills training workshop
aids participants in building and delivering
a powerful message to both internal and external clients. It is the most intensive presentation skills training course on the market and yields proven results.  This workshop will help build a participants selling skills as well as those needed to inform and motivate any audience. 

Consultative Selling Skills Workshop  
Dates: Jun 22-23

What is the number one complaint that customers voice about sales people? It is that sales representatives simply don't take the time to listen. Then, they attempt to sell prematurely. Consultative selling means: To first uncover and fully understand the goals, problems and needs of the customer, then, and only then, offer options and recommend relevant solutions.

Generations at Work Workshop 
Dates: Jul 21
In a recent survey, one-third of workers reported that they had been offended by someone of a different generation at work.  For the first time in history, 4 generations - Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials - have presented new challenges for managers and their employees in the workplace. A definite lack of awareness exists among these four distinct generations.

Cultural Diversity Skills Workshop  
Dates: Jul 22

This course is a series of cross-cultural training tools and cultural diversity activities that can help build cultural diversity skills in the workplace and with clients. Our cultural awareness skills workshop is critical for managing cultural diversity and enables your organization and your leaders to meet the high-performance demands of an increasingly global economy.

Deep Insight  Direct Results

Customers choose Fathom because of the way we approach client challenges and deliver solutions. We call this: Deep Insight, Direct Results.

We know that many choices exist when choosing a learning and development partner. Our clients and participants remain our best source of feedback about how we work and effect change. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and address your training needs.


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