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Does Your Team Create Roadblocks
to Customer Satisfaction? 
You've invested a lot in your business, with countless hours spent perfecting your products or service features. Unfortunately, those offerings don't have as much to do with customer satisfaction as you might like. Studies show that 70 percent of the factors affecting customer retention are based on interactions with your staff.

In fact, a well known study by the Customer Contact Council demonstrated that not only does poor customer service drive away existing customers, it also deters new prospects. Interviews with more than 75,000 business and consumer customers showed that while only 25 percent were likely to say something about positive customer service experiences, 65 percent were likely to discuss negative interactions. And nearly 50 percent of customers who had negative experiences told at least ten other people.

Clearly, good customer service is key to keeping customers happy and your business profitable. But which skills are most important, and how can you ensure that your customers' experiences live up to their expectations?

Exceptional Customer Service Skills Workshop 
Dates: Mar 22 & May 4  
Never before in history has the customer been faced with such a wide range of choice's in the marketplace. A state of constant partial attention, combined with a plethora of choice in both products, services and from whom they are consumed, means that your chances of being noticed in an ever deepening "sea of competition" are not only slim, but will continue to get slimmer in the future!  Studies show that 70% of the reason a customer will return is based upon their interaction with your staff. That means that only 30% of your ability to keep customers happy is based upon your product or service features alone. 
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Management Skills Workshop 

Dates: Mar 16-17 & May 19-20 


This hands-on leadership management workshop teaches new supervisors and managers the foundational skills of communication, motivation, delegation, performance management and evaluation.  


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Cultural Diversity

Negotiation Skills Workshop

Dates: Apr 7-8 


Participants in this dynamic workshop will learn how to strengthen their negotiation skills through classroom game sessions, extensive role-play and exercises. They receive one-on-one personal feedback that helps improve their ability to communicate and negotiate in complex or difficult negotiation sessions. Participants build skills negotiating individually and in team negotiation environments.



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Negotiation Skills for Purchasing Workshop

Dates: Apr 7-8 


Many organizations today are operating at close to maximum efficiency, doing more with less, and doing it faster than ever before. However, an often-neglected area of profit potential exists within the contract negotiation and re-negotiation process with suppliers. 



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Presentation Skills


Outstanding Presentation Skills Workshop 

Dates: Apr 13-14 


Our presentation skills training workshop aids participants in building and delivering a powerful message to both internal and external clients. It is the most intensive presentation skills training course on the market and yields proven results.


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Consultative Selling Skills Workshop 

Dates:  Apr 21-22 


What is the number one complaint that customers voice about sales people? It is that sales representatives simply don't take the time to listen. Then, they attempt to sell prematurely. Consultative selling means: To first uncover and fully understand the goals, problems and needs of the customer, then, and only then, offer options and recommend relevant solutions.


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Time Management Skills 
Date: May 24 
Time is like a river; it keeps on flowing even though we get caught up in its turbulence and can't seem to come up for air. Later, we realize that we are out of balance and off course both personally and professionally. Without effective time management skills, new and constantly changing corporate objectives can be overwhelming, leaving us feeling out of control.


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