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A few weeks ago in this Journal and in our Blog we talked about the by-products of fast growth, one of which is the challenge of making sure that new managers have the right skills set to be successful.


This is particularly pertinent to companies in Central Texas because Texas employment grew the most of all the ten fastest-growing states last year, and analysts predict that nearly 70,000 new jobs will be added to the Austin-area market this year.


 If managing growth is a concern for you and your organization, you may be interested in reviewing the new article below, Avoid Growing Pains with a 'Head Start' Program for New Managers.

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  Avoid Growing Pains with a 'Head Start" Program for New Managers

As businesses grow and expand their workforce, it's common to see newly minted managers who lack experience in supervision and delegation. And while some of them may eventually learn to be good managers, that on-the-job training time can be costly for their employers as junior staff leave, and their replacements need to be hired and trained.


Even more critical is the fact that poor managers not only cause costly staff turnover, they also can impact business reputation and sales if they lack customer service and communication skills.


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Management Skills Workshop 

Dates:  Mar 25-26 or Jun 24-25  


This hands-on leadership management workshop teaches new supervisors and managers the foundational skills of communication, motivation, delegation, performance management and evaluation.  


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Time Management

Time Management Skills 
Date:  Apr 2 or Jun 11 
Time is like a river; it keeps on flowing even though we get caught up in its turbulence and can't seem to come up for air. Later, we realize that we are out of balance and off course both personally and professionally. Without effective time management skills, new and constantly changing corporate objectives can be overwhelming, leaving us feeling out of control.


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Cultural Diversity


Negotiation Skills Workshop

Dates:  Apr 8-9 or Jul 1-2  


Participants in this dynamic workshop will learn how to strengthen their negotiation skills through classroom game sessions, extensive role-play and exercises. They receive one-on-one personal feedback that helps improve their ability to communicate and negotiate in complex or difficult negotiation sessions. Participants build skills negotiating individually and in team negotiation environments.



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Presentation Skills


Outstanding Presentation Skills Workshop 

Dates: Apr 22-23 or Jul 8-9   


Our presentation skills training workshop aids participants in building and delivering a powerful message to both internal and external clients. It is the most intensive presentation skills training course on the market and yields proven results.


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Consultative Selling Skills Workshop 

Dates:  May 28-29 or Jul 22-23  


What is the number one complaint that customers voice about sales people? It is that sales representatives simply don't take the time to listen. Then, they attempt to sell prematurely. Consultative selling means: To first uncover and fully understand the goals, problems and needs of the customer, then, and only then, offer options and recommend relevant solutions.


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