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Austin's Top Professional Development Trends of 2013
Each year, Fathom meets with hundreds of CEO's, HR Directors
and Leadership and Development staff.  As an integral part of Austin's professional development landscape, we are in a unique position to take note of the challenges that clients are facing that form significant trends.
Below are a few of the top professional development issues we are seeing in 2013.

Time Management for Millennials:
Austin's millennial staff members are facing mounting time management challenges. Millennials use technologies such as text, chat, email and other tools, as primary forms of communication. Austin's high-tech, instantaneous communication culture keeps peer pressure on Millennials to respond and interact immediately with others in the work place. This ultimately leads to an inability to tune out distractions and to focus for long periods of time when necessary. Project deadlines are not met and work falls behind. So called "expert" multitaskers are hobbled by their inability to shut out one task while focusing on another. Those who multitask a lot, do it not so much because it helps them, but because they say they cannot help themselves. The overload can lead to brain freeze for millennials when it comes time me to make critical decisions. Fathom is currently developing new time management workshop content for millennials to meet this need.

Generational Change in the Workplace:
As a city with a young, educated and vibrant workforce, Austin certainly has benefits for employers. The demographics of the city also yield some specific challenges because of age and experience. The median age in Austin is 31 years old. This is inside the Millennial age bracket of people born after 1980. And, it means that in Austin, we have a greater tendency to hire young staff. These staff must then meld with staff that might be from another generation. Fathom has been facilitating an unprecedented number of Generations in the Workplace training sessions to help employers and employees understand the differing values that each generation holds. The result is more awareness and understanding between each of the generations that leads to more effective collaboration and productivity.

Managing Growth:
Austin is home to many high tech start-ups and fast growing firms. Many are growing without a strategic plan in place to manage growth or a vision for the future to guide them. Developing a values driven strategic plan and communicating that plan to every employee provides both stability and an actionable set of decision making criteria
that focuses company efforts on obtainable goals. Fathom offers strategic planning and communication solutions that provide a solid foundation for organizational growth.

Improving the Customer Experience:
Fast growth comes with a cost. Customers typically feel the effects of growth when a firm's existing customer service staff is tasked with handling the increased volume. New staff members are brought on board but often lack the experience and training necessary to service customers at optimum levels. Customers feel the difference in how they are handled by customer service staff members who are not yet reading from the same page of the playbook as their team members. Effective customer service training gets staff on the same page and provides a template for bringing new hires up to speed.

Developing Core Managerial Skills:
Due to rapid growth and the need to manage it, front line staff members are being promoted more quickly into management positions. Many have never managed others and have not been given training in the core areas of communication, motivation, delegation and evaluation to take on this new role. Investments in managerial effectiveness are essential for organizations that are in competition for skilled technical workers. Eighty percent of an employee's decision to terminate employment is based on their relationship with their direct manager.

That's it for now! We will continue to keep you updated on new professional development trends as we see them arise.  If you have been dealing with other issues that form a significant trend, please let us know.   As always, we look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and address your training needs.

John Males
Founder and President
Fathom Corporate Training
512 689-4600

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