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Seasons greetings!  This year I had an opportunity to facilitate many negotiation workshops for our clients and saw participants achieve some amazing results for themselves through awareness and creativity.  It really does not matter who the other party is; spouse, friend, colleague, customer or vendor.  We need to discover our partners true interest in the negotiation and what they are trying to achieve for themselves.  Our last Fathom Blog this year is on intelligent collaboration with others. 

With that, I would like to say thank you to all our partners, customers, and co-workers and wish each and every one of you a very blessed, healthy and happy holiday season.  May 2014 bring superior success to you!

John D. Males

John Males
Founder and President
Fathom Corporate Training
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Date: December 20, 2013 
Successfully Negotiating to Win-Win   
For some people, negotiating is sheer misery. They're concerned with failing to achieve their goal, or alienating the other party... or both.

And yet, negotiation happens every day. Whether we're selling products or services, purchasing supplies, negotiating salary and job requirements, obtaining internal resources for project support, or even agreeing on household chores.

Unfortunately, the negotiation process can quickly become combative when one or both parties are focused solely on getting the upper hand and winning at the expense of the other. Rejection of another's proposal can easily cause hurt feelings or result in a power struggle that leads to a stalemate.

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Cultural Diversity


Negotiation Skills Workshop

Dates:  Jan 28-29, 2014  



Participants in this dynamic workshop will learn how to strengthen their negotiation skills through classroom game sessions, extensive role-play and exercises. They receive one-on-one personal feedback that helps improve their ability to communicate and negotiate in complex and difficult negotiation sessions. Participants build skills negotiating individually and in team negotiation environments.


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Time Management


Time Management Skills  

Dates:  Jan 15, 2014  



Time is like a river; it keeps on flowing even though we get caught up in its turbulence and can't seem to come up for air. Later, we realize that we are out of balance and off course both personally and professionally. Without effective time management skills, new and constantly changing corporate objectives can be overwhelming, leaving us feeling out of control.


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Presentation Skills


Exceptional Presentation Skills Workshop 

Dates:  Feb 20-21, 2014  





Our presentation skills training workshop aids participants in building and delivering a powerful message to both internal and external clients. It is the most intensive presentation skills training course on the market and yields proven results.


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Consultative Selling Skills Workshop 

Dates:  Mar 6-7, 2014  




What is the number one complaint that customers voice about sales people? It is that sales representatives simply don't take the time to listen. Then, they attempt to sell prematurely. Consultative selling means: To first uncover and fully understand the goals, problems and needs of the customer, then, and only then, offer options and recommend relevant solutions.


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Effective Negotiations

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Every day we are involved in negotiations of one form or another. Even though negotiations are an integral part of our lives, techniques for managing these situations are not instinctive; they must be learned.


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